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Flittering and Twittering

                                                                      Laura is blue. Fiona is green.

As Laura packs her suitcase for a much deserved writer's retreat (read all about it in her blog post today), our mini-conversation this week is about our baby steps into the realm of social networking.  

Updating JacketFlap:
Laura: Did you get to that?

Fiona: Sure did. They only list 2 of my 15 books, though. Don't know how that works, so I decided to upload my Bubble Homes and Fish Farts cover into the gallery. Weirdness of automatic copyright notice appears below it saying the copyright is mine.  Now...I have the rights to use the cover image, but I don't own the copyright, so I may have to take it down. 

JacketFlap had most of my books, but not all, so I spent about an hour adding my other books and updating my profile.

So there's a way to manually add books? Thanks. I'll have to look into that.

My question is: Can I be notified by email when a Friend messages me? I'll never go to networking sites just to see if I have any messages, so the only way it works for me is to be able to get notified via email. I sent the question to customer service on Wednesday or so, but no answer yet. Hopefully by the time I get back from my retreat...

Good question. Yeah, that's how it would have to work for me, too.  I hope it's possible.

I know you were hammered with deadlines last week, Laura, so were leaving the other networking sites for another time, but I managed to set up a "fan page" in Facebook. Small steps, right? :^)  It was quick and easy to do. I haven't "published" it yet, because my website got hacked this week, which meant the time I'd planned to spend adding Facebook content got taken up dealing with the hacker's mess. (ick)  But it's on my list for next week. 

Glad to hear the fan page on Facebook was easy. Maybe that will be my next SN task. Not this week, since I won't be home, but next week!

Have a great time at your writers' retreat!

And if, like us, you're still trying to get your head around Twitter, check out this fabulous article Jenn Bailey pointed us to this week: "Still Trying to Understand Twitter?  Think of Post-It Notes" by Jennifer Laycock.  A brilliant analogy.  Thanks, Jenn!

We'll be back next week with one of our deeper conversations about where we should aim our marketing efforts...we'll get into nodes and hubs and talk about skydivers and bowlers...and all that typical publicity turf.
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