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Promotion Gold in Them Thar Links

Okay, so we've been talkin' your ears off these past few weeks about book trailers and microsites and other good promo stuff, so this week we're going to give our jaws a bit of a break.  We've dug through our promotion files and pulled out our favorite links to promotion info.  And ooowheee, baby, is there ever golden info in them thar links. 

Happy Reading!

10 Ways to Promote a First Book


How to Market Your Book on the Internet


Susan Raab's "To Market" columns from the SCBWI Bulletin

Poke around a bit on this site...lots of promo goodies

Mitali Perkins' Pajama Promotion: Ten Tips for Writers


Getting the Word Out: Marketing Children's Books by Barbara Cohen


Harold Underdown's interview with author James Deem


Q&A on Promotion with Verla Kay

 Also on Verla's site, check out promotion-related transcripts, like this one


…and as usual, for an entertaining promotion read, check out the Shrinking Violet Promotions blog

Let us know about your promotion article fave!

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