May 4th, 2009

An Index...

Thanks for joining us on our book promotion journey here on the BubbleStampede Blog.  We learned a lot from our discussions and hope you've found some gems, too.  
If you'd like to read an overview as we look back and reflect, you'll find that here
If you're looking for information on specific topics, you'll find a rough index below.  Of course, the best way to get ALL of the promo info jammed into this blog is to start at the very beginning.  But however you read this blog, be sure to check out the comments.  Some interesting discussions live there.
Happy Promotion Journey to You!


About Us
---Welcome to Bubble Stampede - Why this blog, and our goals for it.
---Who Are We Again - About Laura and Fiona and their books
---You Ever Heard of Us? - Promotion we're already doing...where we're starting from
---Who are YOU Marketing To? - Choosing the right target audience, hubs and nodes
---Book Touring in Pajamas - Choosing the right blogs for your virtual book tour
Authorless Visits
---Who are YOU Marketing To? - when you can't go, but your book can
Author Photos
---The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - why do we need one, what makes a good one, getting creative
Author Promotion vs. Book Promotion
---You Ever Heard of Us? - Importance of building your author name, not just the book
Blog Tour
---Book Touring in Pajamas - What is a blog tour, is it worthwhile, how to make one
---Blog Tours and BookTrailers - How did we do?
---You Ever Heard of Us? - Initial launch ideas
---Launch Event Cluster: 15 Events in Two Weeks - Did we do it? Importance of launch timing
---Book Launch Tango - Organizing and planning two different kinds of in-person book launches
---Online Book Launches (Or the Chicken's Way Out) - Organizing an online book launch
---Book Launch Aftermath - post mortem discussion
Book Signings
---Who are YOU Marketing To? - Themed signing
---Buddy Up at the Book Signin' Corral - Book signing with a buddy
---Book Signing or Book "Event" - Make it special to draw in the crowds, unique activities
Book Trailers
---Grab Your $7 Popcorn - Getting started, choices
---Down in Front! - Making a trailer
---Featured Attraction - Laura's trailer
---Roll Them Credits! - What we learned about what makes a good trailer
---Blog Tours and BookTrailers - How did we do?
Buddying Up for Promotion - Strength in Numbers
---Just One Thing: Advice from Those Ahead of You on the Path - an idea to expand your repertoire of good promo ideas
---You Ever Heard of Us? - Postcards
---A Little Something to Remember Me By - bookmarks, postcards, buttons, tattoos, pencils, treats, and other promotional giveaways
Illustrator - Involvement in Promotion
---Promo So Far? - Using illustrations in promo
Links to more Promo Info
(Also see posts about individual subjects...we've embedded lots of links about specific subjects along the way)
---Promotion Gold in Them Thar Hills - Eight links to fabulous online promotion articles
---Shrinking Violet Promotions - Promotion for the introvert
Launch - See Book Launch
Marketing Dept
---Promo So Far? - Working with the publisher's Marketing Dept
---Ask Not What Your Publisher Can Do For You...Actually, Go Ahead and Ask! - Inexpensive ways to get your publisher to help your promo efforts
Online Materials
---Offbeat Ideas for Connecting with Your Readers - videos, games, blooper reels, polls, other unusual activities
Online Presence (See also Websites and Blog Tours)
---You Ever Heard of Us? - interviews, guest chats, CYBILS, blogs, websites and other online ways to get our name out there
---Social Networking Sites: Just how social does an author have to be? - JacketFlap, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, GoodReads, Twitter: a first look
---Flittering and Twittering - Which social networking sites we chose to use and why
---Friends, Fans, and Family - A social networking followup, what we did and how it worked
---Launch Event Cluster: 15 Events in Two Weeks - scroll to the end of the post to read about
Postcards - See Giveaways


Press Kit

    Online Press Kit

       ---When the Press Comes A-callin' - what are online press kits, what's in 'em, some good examples
       ---Online Press Kits and Websites - How did we do?
    Physical Press Kit
       ---Catching an Editor's or Producer's Eye - Press release tricks and tips
       ---Online Book Launches (Or the Chicken's Way Out) - link to Fiona's press release
Print Media
---Step Away from the Computer - Newspapers, alumni magazines, announcements etc.

Promotion Overview
Sweeping Up the Dust and Bubble Juice - our last post, a wrapup

Promotional No-nos
---When Promotion Goes Over the Top - How far is too far, reasonable promotion or pushy and obnoxious?
Radio and TV
Readers' Theater
---Places Everyone! - What is it and will it work for poetry and nonfiction, and books without a story arc?
Signings - See Book Signings
---You Ever Heard of Us? - Libraries, conferences,
Specialty Markets
---Who are YOU Marketing To? - brainstorming
Trailers - see Book Trailers
Websites (See also Online Presence)
---Microsites vs regular author website Part 1 - a book specific site or include your book on a regular author website
---Microsite - Tech details
---Ask Not What Your Publisher Can Do For You...Actually, Go Ahead and Ask! - Making good use of your publisher's website
---Online Press Kits and Websites - How did we do?
Word of Mouth